What Prosperity Janitorial LLC is doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is making sure that every employee is following CDC guidelines. The employees all wear masks when working in any building that we clean and they are well trained to keep the facilities healthy and cleaned during these uncertain times.

Businesses are reopening and workers in the US are slowly returning to work, and people are visiting restaurants, salons, retail stores, etc. This opens up the possibility of COVID-19 spread in your building. What we do is that when you report a positive case to us we go ahead and send our special team that has been trained to do fogging.

How does this work you might be asking? Well our team goes to fog the whole entire space to disinfect with a fogging machine and approved chemical by the CDC. This helps disinfect all areas that could have possibly been contaminated by someone that has the virus.


If you are interested in this service Prosperity Janitorial LLC is here to help feel free to contact us.